The company has more than 180 employees, including more than 60 managers and professional technicians. Since the founding of the company, unite and gather a group of Ming Tai Dali loyal to career mould, full of passion with a high degree of professionalism and dedication of the senior management personnel and professional and technical personnel, the construction of a high-quality, younger talent, they have profound professional knowledge and rich. Practical experience, is the backbone of the sustained rapid and healthy development of the company and the precious intellectual wealth.
The company has an excellent management team, senior executives with "innovation, passion and sense of responsibility" of the entrepreneurial spirit, with a strong sense of responsibility and mission, with a strong market consciousness, competition consciousness and the risk consciousness. They unite and cooperate to lead the pioneer, develop and innovate, and have made brilliant achievements. This is also the core and the strong guarantee for the firm's success.
Ming Tai Daly takes the core values of "dare to play, team work, persevere, keep improving", and "service, seeking truth, innovation and win-win" business philosophy; a solid step by step. In the company's high speed, high efficiency development, the simultaneous realization of personal value of employees, truly reflects the "people-oriented" cultural concept.
The company adhere to the principle of morality, have both ability and political integrity, knowledge, ability and achievement as the main measure of talent, to establish openness, competition and merit oriented mechanism of selection and appointment of outstanding talent, talent shows itself to give full play to the.
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Talent recruitment
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